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Types of gate valve based on body, bonnet connection. 1st is screwed bonnet: This is the simplest design available and it is used for inexpensive valves. 2nd is bolted-bonnet: This is the most popular design and used in a large number of gate valves. This requires a gasket to seal the joint between the body and bonnet.

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Parts list and parts diagram for a Bush Hog GHM800 Rotary Cutter Parts GHM800 Rotary Cutter Cutting Disc and Rock Guard Assembly assembly. {'Toggle navigation'|gettext} Hotline Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 7AM to 6PM CT Saturday from 7:30AM – Noon Closed Labor Day 9/6/21

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All States Ag Parts Parts A.S.A.P. Disc Harrow Half Spool- 1-7/8" fits John 220 2310 235 726 621 230 637 627 210 215 722 630 N241315 $26.94 $ 26 . 94 Get it Wed, Nov 3 - Mon, Nov 8

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ceramic cutting disc 388611. steel for manual grinders thin. ceramic cutting disc. 388611. Bore diameter: 22.23 mm. Disc diameter: 115 mm - 230 mm. Our diverse line of cutting wheels provide a consistent, well balanced, high performance solutions. For the professional who wants to get the most demanding jobs done right, and done fast.

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The diagram above represents a gluing diagram for the torus. To see this, first imagine bringing two of the edges together to form a cylinder. Since the circles at the top and bottom of the cylinder are to be glued together, we can imagine stretching the cylinder around and gluing them to obtain a surface that looks like the surface of a donut.

Stihl TS 350 Disc Cutter (TS350) Parts Diagram

Stihl TS 350 Disc Cutter (TS350) Parts Diagram Select a page from the Stihl TS 350 Disc Cutter diagram to view the parts list and exploded view diagram. All parts that fit a TS 350 Disc Cutter . Pages in this diagram. A_-Crankcase. A-Crankcase. B_-Cylinder. B-Cylinder. C_-Clutch.

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Cutting discs PFERD with the new color code system on the disc and package. Grinding discs PFERD Standard arbor hole 22.2 mm Cutting disc S SG (performance range) For cutting of sheet metal, sections and solid materials in steel. Also for cast Iron. Disc thickness 1,0 – 1,6 – 1,9 mm for fast and comfortable cutting with minimized burr ...

Volume 2 of 2 Cutting Parts Catalog

maintenance. SCH has specially designed each part to be universal. By doing so, each of the common components can be used on many different applications. The SCH Easy Cut II system provides a high cutting performance even in extreme harvesting conditions. Every platform on the market today can be updated to the SCH Easy Cut II Conversion Kit.

What is Milling Machine?- Parts, Operation, Diagram ...

Parts, Operation, Diagram. Milling Machines are used for machining solid materials, including metal, plastic, and wood, and are commonly used to machine irregular and flat surfaces. The cutter is designed to rotate during the operation as opposed to a lathe, where the part itself rotates during the cutting …

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Shaft Assembly #86519042. THIS WEBSITE USES COOKIES. This site uses cookies. Cookies may be placed in your computer to improve your experience, collect statistics, optimize site functionality, and deliver content tailored to your interests.

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The 5 major components in a computer hardware diagram are described as following: 1. Central Processing Unit. As the name suggests, the CPU processes all functions within a computer. It will have control over the functions of the various components. It will process all the data and perform calculations. It will also control the data transfer ...


Machining Operations and Part Geometry Each machining operation produces a characteristic part geometry due to two factors: 1. Relative motions between the tool and the workpart •Generating –part geometry is determined by the feed trajectory of the cutting tool 2. Shape of the cutting tool •Forming –part geometry is created by the


b) Share: It is that part of the plough bottom which penetrates into the soil and makes a horizontal cut below the surface. c) Mould board: It is the curved part which lifts, turns, and pulverizes the soil slice. d) Land side: It is the flat plate which presses against the furrow wall and prevents the plough from lateral swinging. The rear part of land side is called heel which slides on the

Drawing Section Views

Visualizing the Cutting Plane It is very important to Visualize what the part will look like after it is cut open. Choosing the type of section and location of the cutting plane. Making the cut and drawing the view in the proper location.

Volume 1 of 2 Cutting Parts Catalog

AGCO provides parts for its equipment as well as all makes direct from the manufacturer. This catalog offers easy-to-use reference information for cutting parts and components, including OEM information. Details in this catalog have been reconfigured to group products by brand, and reflect updated parts, models, and user suggestions.


Manual Part No.: 941413 04 Revision: 6/18 4000SP Drum & Disc ... could occur if the lathe is tipped or if the cutting tool is unintentionally contacted. 18. Check damaged parts carefully. Before further use of the lathe, a guard or other part that is damaged should be carefully checked.

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Shop by diagram. Tank and Handle Grips Assembly for Makita EK6100 Disc Cutters ... Clutch Assembly for Makita EK6100 Disc Cutters Cutting Device, Protection Hood Assembly for Makita EK6100 Disc Cutters Blades, Tools Assembly for Makita EK6100 Disc Cutters Carburetor Assembly for Makita EK6100 Disc Cutters ... Makita EK7650H Disc Cutter Parts ...

What is a Disc Harrow - Types of Harrows - Components & Parts

What is a Disc Harrow (Download Pdf) Diagram. Thresher Types & Components. What is a Plough & Types of Plow. Components or Parts of a Disc Harrow. Disc Harrow consists of various parts listed below: Disc; The dished smooth disk with square holes in the center are generally used.

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KRONE Part # 1396808 CUTTING DISC 320. CUTTING DISC 320 Price: Available Qty: 2. $258.66 plus shipping. Location: Columbus Mississippi KRONE Part # 1397307 MOWER DISC L=292. MOWER DISC L=292 Price: Available Qty: 1. $271.26 plus ...

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For this reason, the disk is a pressure-retaining part. Disks are typically forged and, in some designs, hard-surfaced to provide good wear characteristics. A fine surface finish of the seating area of a disk is necessary for good sealing when the valve is closed. Most valves are named, in part, according to the design of their disks.

Sheet Metal Forming

• Flame cutting –especially for thick steel plates, as in shipbuilding • Laser-beam cutting –newer process used with computer controlled equipment • Plasma cutting –high energy plasma formed by electric arc between tool and work material • Friction sawing –disk or blade that rubs against sheet or plate at high speeds

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Parts of Disc Plough: (1) Disc blade: Disc type blades are mounted for cutting of soil. Number of blades and diameter determine plough capacity. Concavity affects disc angle and soil turning. Shallow concavity depends on diameter of discs. Depth of cut depends on diameter of discs. About 1/3 rd of blade diameter is the limit for depth. Width of ...

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Disc Harrow Parts. Providing quality disc harrow parts and tillage parts have been our specialty at Agri Supply since 1962. Find disc bearings, bumper washers, axles, spacers, and more for your specific implement or harrow assembly. The same goes for International Harvester, Farmall, Case, and John disc parts, too.

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The cutting line in a main orthographic view shows where the part is cross-sectioned and the cross-hatch pattern of the section view indicates regions where material has been removed. Technical drawings can have multiple section views with two letters linking each cutting line with each section view (for example A-A, B-B and so on).

Turbo-Saw Parts: Model DFM3800 Drivetrain Components

Turbo-Saw Parts: Model DFM3200 Drivetrain Components Drive Motor Replacement Motor 33-35 GPM, Part# 28P17 Replacement Motor 36-41 GPM, Part# 38P15 Motor Seal Kit, Part #38SP Cutting Disc Disc Hub, Part #4140 28" Old Style Blade, Part #2810 OS 3/4" Old Style Teeth, Part, #3423 3/4" Old Style Backing Block, Part #34516

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